Flamingo Management Group

1680 Michigan Ave. Suite 700 #368 
Miami Beach, FL 33139
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Flamingo Management Group is a full-service small business consultant for property management companies located in Miami Beach, Florida. 


Our goal

Our goal is to provide exceptional property management coaching service for small businesses who manage rental properties in south Florida. We use analytics to help small business clients locate rental properties for their customers to increase their revenue.

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How to Find Your Ideal Renter

We provide coaching to small businesses to increase their ability to find ideal renters for their properties. Our analytics provide businesses with the comfort in knowing that will have tenants who are able to cover the rental costs for the duration of the lease. Our clients don’t worry about tenants not paying on time or inconsistent tenancy and feel confident that we can provide them with tenants who match their property needs.

Policies and Procedures

We develop policies and procedures for our small business clients to identify management services after every tenancy. We provide exceptional one-on-one coaching and maintain high standards to ensure a professional level of support for our clients. 

Safety & Security

We provide our small business clients with coaching on appropriate safety and security systems for their units. 
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